Are you available to just fuse pipe?

Yes we are, we can do Electro, Sidewall, Butt and Socket fusing. Just let us know what your underground utility problem is and we can assist you in in solving it.

I have a sump line in need of repair, can you do this?

Yes we can and relatively quickly.

What types of pipe can you pull?

We mainly pull HDPE, PVC, Steel, and Ductile Iron but we can also pull many other types of pipe. Just let us know what your job entails and we can solve your problem.

What is Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Horizontal Directional Drilling or HDD is a trenchless technology that allows a customer to solve their underground utility job without an open trench cut. It is safer, faster, more cost effective and requires minimal disruption compared to other forms of underground utility installation. Using our drills we bore into the ground and navigate the rods using our drill head locators to create the hole where the pipe will lay. Once we reach the other end of the hook up, we then pull the pipe back through the hole. We can either hook up the pipe or you can it’s entirely up to you.