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Whether you are a contractor, a municipality, a business or homeowner we can handle the job.

Daystar Drilling

Our Services

  • 12 HDD rigs ranging in pull back capabilities from 10Klbs to 242Klbs.
  • Service rigs regularly install site lighting, water service lines, drainage, irrigation and other lines 4" and smaller.
  • Mid Size drill crews regularly install water main, forced sewer mains and casing pipes. Typical size ranging 4"-16" and bore lengths of 1000LF or less.
  • Large drill crews regularly install large diameter pipes in long distances. Capabilities of 36"+ pipe in lengths over 2000LF.
  • We have the capability to install any size pipe in challenging ground conditions. Solid rock, alluvial conditions, cobbles, etc. are within our capabilities.
  • Hydro excavation and slurry removal. Fleet of Hydro excavation trucks and vac trailers. Capable of large and small hydro excavation services.
  • Daystar owns multiple pieces of HDD support equipment. Ranging from 300 gallon mix tanks, mud reclaimers up to 6000 gallons, excavators, wheel loaders, etc. We show up ready to work with the correct equipment to succeed.
  • Daystar offers excavation work to compliment our HDD crews. We own a fleet of mini excavators, excavators, compact track loaders and wheel loaders.
  • Pipe fusion of all types and sizes. We partner with Mid America Fusing to accomplish our HDPE fusion and fabrication needs. M.A.F. owns machines ranging from ¾" up to 48" capability. They also have inhouse fabrication abilities.

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Daystar Drilling offers one of the most experienced and diversified teams in the Midwest. Many of our team members have been in the HDD industry for over 20 Years.

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Whether you are a contractor, a municipality, a business or homeowner we can handle the job. Daystar has been in the business of solving our customer's underground utility difficulties for well over a decade.

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Daystar Drilling Service Area

Headquartered in Indiana, Daystar Drilling can be found working on drilling and boring projects throughout the Midwest Region of the United States.

Whether the project is performed for commercial, municipal or residential areas - our services, equipment and qualifications are here to get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are, we can do Electro, Sidewall, Butt and Socket fusing. Just let us know what your underground utility problem is and we can assist you in in solving it.
We mainly pull HDPE, PVC, Steel, and Ductile Iron but we can also pull many other types of pipe. Just let us know what your job entails and we can solve your problem.
Horizontal Directional Drilling or HDD is a trenchless technology that allows a customer to solve their underground utility job without an open trench cut. It is safer, faster, more cost effective and requires minimal disruption compared to other forms of underground utility installation. Using our drills we bore into the ground and navigate the rods using our drill head locators to create the hole where the pipe will lay. Once we reach the other end of the hook up, we then pull the pipe back through the hole. We can either hook up the pipe or you can it's entirely up to you.
With over 75 years combined drilling experience, Daystar Drilling focuses on the project or resolution necessary to meet or exceed your needs.

Email us at or give us a call 317-773-7455

Whether you are a contractor, a municipality, a business or homeowner - Daystar Drilling is here for you.


Daystar Directional Drilling, Inc. is a family owned, Christian company founded in 2002.

Our experienced staff and well maintained fleet of equipment is sure to finish your job fast, safely, and with craftsmanship in which you can take pride.

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